IMEMG presents the 3rd European IM Day. The Rosarium, Amsterdam,NL. Schedule IM Day 2017

Session 1

FEEDBACK FROM OPERATIONS Military Operations/Viewpoint of the User (session chair: Loïc Audonnet) Lt Col David Perez, Chef de la Division Maîtrise des Risques Echelon Central du Service des Munitions, French Army (restricted). Session 2

Session 2

REGULATION & LEGAL FRAMEWORK Overarching Framework (session chair: Serge Bordachar) Philip Cheese, Head of Vulnerability, DOSG S&T, DE&S – UK MoD NATO Working Group on IM and Hazard Classification João Abreu, Project Officer Ammunition &

Session 3

EUROPEAN INDUSTRY CONTRIBUTION (session chair: Dr Arno von der Fecht) Ron E Hollands, President IMEMG Priorities for IM David Crofts, Head of complex warheads – Center of Excellence – MBDA Group An example: Multinational Missile

Session 4

Programmes / R&T (session chair: Dr Martin Emsenhuber) Lt Col Eng. Pascal van Mele, Head of “Propulsion, EM & Pyrotechnics” Domain, DGA – France Current IM Challenges Ernest Baker, Technical Specialist Officer on Warhead, NATO/MSIAC