IMEMG presents the 1st European IM DAY. Conference was held on May 2009 at the Albert Hall Complex, Brussels, Belgium.


Mr Christian Bréant, Director for Research & Technology-  European Defense Agency Mr Pierre-François Peron- NATO/MSIAC

Session 1

Mr Bob Dyke, session chairman B Gen Jacques Levet – President of NATO Army Armament Group WO2 Jase Greasley – Sergeant Major Instructor Gunnery – UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation

Session 2

Mr Roland Favre, session chairman IGA Jean-Paul Hufschmitt – Director of Armament Inspectorate for Explosives and Propellants, DGA/IPE – and Mr Serge Bordachar – French MOD Mr Franz Jueptner – Senior Director for Weapons and

Session 3

Mr Fabio Sgarzi, session chairman Dr Helmut Muthig – Vice President of IMEMG

Session 4

Mr Vegard Sande, session chairman Mr Gordon McGuire – IM Strategy Manager, DE&S – Defence General Munitions, UK MOD and Mr Mike Boyd – GCS-Munitions IGA Michel Richard – Director of Technical Expertise, DGA/DET/MAN –