Development of PAX-3 Explosive for the Bunker Defeat Munition Mr. Arthur Daniels, U.S. Army RDECOM-ARDEC IM Testing Evaluation of New Melt Pour Explosive PAX-195 in Mortars Mr. Philip Samuels, U.S. Army PEO-AMMO Thrust-ARDEC IM- Enhancement

Modelling and Testing

New Aluminized Explosives for High Energy-High Blast (Combined Effects) Warheads Applications Mr. Robert Hatch, ATK Thiokol, Inc. Brigham City, UT 84302-0707 Aspects of Material Insensitivity Mrs. Helen Czerski, Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK Qualification


Insensitive Munitions Maturity — A Systems Perspective Mr. Thomas E Swierk, US Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division, NAVSEA An Update on STANAG 4439 and AOP 39 Editions 2 Mr. Régis Guégan, French MoD/DGA/IPE/SP, CNAD Ammunition


Australian Melt-Cast Explosives Research and Development Mr. Arthur Provatas, DSTO Improved IM Melt-Cast Explosives Mr. Andrew Wilson, BAE Systems Development of a Cast Plastic Bonded Explosive with High CL20 Content Mrs. Brigitte Le Roux, SNPE

Gun Propellant Formulation

Development and Performance of High Energy High Performance Co-Layered ETPE Gun Propellant for Large Caliber System Mrs. Thelma Manning, US Army RDECOM-ARDEC Performance of Co-Layered Energetic Thermoplastic Elastomer-Based Propellant in Medium Caliber Ammunition Mr. Paul


Threat Hazard Assessment Methodology and Explosives Effect Mitigation for 4.5 Inch Mk 8 Medium Range Naval Fire Support HE Ammunition Mr. Julian G Taylor, UK MoD, Technical Enabling Services, Sea Systems Group, Naval Authority Explosives


High-Performance Melt-Cast Plastic-Bonded Explosives Mr. Patrick Brousseau, DRDC Valcartier Process Optimization for the Manufacture of Premix Intermediates for Melt Cast and Cast Cure IM Explosives Mr. Crane Robinson, RDECOM-ARDEC Start-up of a New Efficient and

Ingredients and Process

Insensitive Oktogen Mr. Peter Gerber, Fraunhofer ICT Enhanced Energetic Polyphosphazenes Mr. Peter Golding, AWE AN/PolyGLYN propellant formulations – Approaches to Less Sensitive Rocket Propellants Mr. Klaus Menke, Fraunhofer ICT Synthesis of R8002 Energetic Plasticizer Mr.

Process and Pyrotechnics

Moisture Resistant Black Powder Substitute Manufacturing Safety Improvement and Sensitivity Characteristics Mr. Gary Chen, US Army ARDEC   PBXN-7 processing and qualification using TATB manufactured at Holston Army Ammunition Plant Mr. Curtis Teague, BAE Systems,


Characterisation and thermal decomposition studies of a hydroxy terminated polyether (HTPE) copolymer and binder for composite rocket propellants Mr. Rodrigo Caro, Cranfield University Image Analysis in Support of UK Energetic Research Mr. Mark Withams, QinetiQ