IMEMTS Munich, Germany 2010

11 – 14th October 2010 Theme of the symposium: International Progress in Insensitive Munitions and Energetic materials. Co-organisation: IMEMG / MSIAC / NDIA. Presentation IM technology is being deployed into more weapon systems internationally. As

IM in the Field

IM in the Field – Experience of Reduced Sensitivity Mortar Cartridges to Actual Combat Threat Stimuli Mr. Jeffrey Smith,US Army, ARDEC

Explosive Formulations

Development and Manufacture of an Insensitive Composition B – Replacement Explosive IMX-104 for Mortar Applications Mr. Virgil Fung, BAE Systems, USA Additional Properties Studies of DNAN Based Melt-pour Explosive Formulations Mr. Pierre Pelletier, GD-OTS, Canada


RIGHTTRAC Technology Demonstration Program: Preliminary IM Tests Mr. Patrick Brousseau, DRDC Valcartier, Canada Characterization of Aging, Screening Hazards and IM Testing of Solid Rocket Propellants and Warhead Explosives Dr. Jamie Neidert, US Army, AMRDEC, USA


Development of a Production Scale Process for the Manufacture of New IM Pressable PAX-46 Explosive Mr. Mike Ervin, BAE Systems, USA Processing of Energetic Composite Particles by Fluidized Bed Technology Mr. Thomas Heintz, ICT, Germany


Changes to United Nations Test Series 7 for Hazard Division 1.6 Explosive Articles Dr. Michael Sharp, MSIAC, NATO STANAG 4178 Ed. 2 – A New, Internationally Accepted Standard For Testing of Nitrocellulose Dr. Beat Vogelsanger,

IM Systems

IMX-104 Qualification for DoD Qualification Mrs. Wendy Balas Hummers, US Army, ARDEC, USA Achieving STANAG 4439 IM Shaped Charge Requirements on 155mm Shells: An Update Mr. Bruno Nouguez, Eurenco, France New French Insensitive 500 lb


Simulation and Low Velocity Impact Testing on Confined Explosives Mr. Gert Scholtes, TNO, Netherlands Expedited Transition of Propulsion Modeling and Simulation Capability – Enabled by a Knowledge Structure Mr. Daniel Jones, Strategic Insight, USA Insensitive

IM Technology and Issues

IMX-104 HE Loading of 81MM and 120MM Projectiles Mr. Charlie Patel, US Army, ARDEC, USA XP® : A Cost effective Approach for Medium Calibre Insensitive Munitions (IM) Mr. Christophe Coulouarn, NEXTER, France How to get

Technology Resources

MSIAC IM Databases – An Efficient Toolbox to Assess IM Signature Dr. Pierre-François Péron, MSIAC, NATO A History of Sustainable Energetics Mr. William Ruppert, Hughes Associates, USA,presented by Mr. Noah Lieb, Hughes Assoc., USA Using