Contributions / Expertise

In 2024 IMEMG claims 23 member companies from 8 European countries. Each member company comes in with his specific domestic knowledge and his own in-house expertise.

Back in 2001, 12 founding member companies from 3 European countries decide to work together, pooling their expertise and working practices, in a suitable structure.

From United Kingdom: The British IM Policy

British members bring the asset of an effective IM Policy : since September 2001, all new munitions requirements are to stipulate compliance with STANAG* 4439.
*(NATO standard for Development, Assessment and testing of Insensitive Munitions [MURAT])
The UK has ratified STANAG 4439 Ed 3.

More information about the British IMIS Policy

From France: The French Murat doctrine

French authorities have initiated and implemented the Murat doctrine in 1992.

France has ratified STANAG 4439 Ed3 and has issued in July 2011 the implementation document (Instruction n° 211893).

The Instruction’s main points are:

  • Every new munition to be developed has to be MURAT (IM).
  • If the new munition is not compliant to Stanag 4439, the Programme Manager is expected to explain that it follows the state of the art. Then, an IM signature of the munition should be presented. There could be a possible waiver, through QRA (Quantitative Risk Assessment) to ascertain the probability between the risks vs. the life cycle. DGA/IPE has to be questioned before any final decision of the Program Director to accept the waiver.

Download the MoD and DGA Instruction n°211893/DEF/DGA/INSP/IPE

More information about the French Policy

From Germany: The German position

The German position and understanding on munitions safety implementation is detailed in the following document issued on August 29, 2008 : Konzept Munitionstechnische Sicherheit in der Bundeswehr – K MunTSichh Bw.

From Norway: The Norwegian official directive

Norway has ratified STANAG 4439 in July 1995.

A relevant document presents the Norwegian official position: The Chief of Defence directive for safety approval of ammunition for the use of the defence forces (Forsvarssjefens direktiv for sikkerhetsmessig godkjenning av ammunisjon til bruk I forsvaret).