• RIGHTTRAC Technology Demonstration Program: Preliminary IM Tests
    Mr. Patrick Brousseau, DRDC Valcartier, Canadapaperpresentation
  • Characterization of Aging, Screening Hazards and IM Testing of Solid Rocket Propellants and Warhead Explosives
    Dr. Jamie Neidert, US Army, AMRDEC, USA
  • Slow Cook-off Testing of a Thermally Activated Venting System
    Mr. Michael Fisher, Cornerstone Research, USApaperpresentation
  • Measuring the Blast Output of Aluminised Explosive Charges in a Semi-confined Environment
    Dr. Frederik Mostert, CSIR, South Africapaperpresentation
  • Shaped Charge Initiation Test Configuration for IM Threat Testing
    Dr. Ernest Baker, US Army, ARDEC, USApaperpresentation
  • Shaped Charge Jet Initiation of High Explosives Equipped with an Explosive Train
    Dr. Werner Arnold, MBDA-TDW, Germanypaperpresentation
  • Sub-Scale Fast Cookoff Test Results
    Mr. Kevin Ford, US Navy, NAWC, USApaperpresentation
  • Fast Cook-Off using Liquefied Propane Gas – The Development of an Alternative Test Method
    Mr. Jon Toreheim, SAAB Bofors, Swedenpaperpresentation
  • The Army Burn-to-Violent Reaction (ABVR) Test: A Sub-Scale IM Screening Test
    Mr. Jamie Neidert, US Army, ARMDEC, USApresentation
  • Simple Measurements to support an early Assessment of the Performance and Shock Sensitivity of new IM Ingredients
    Mr. Mike Willcox, AWE, UKpaperpresentation
  • Insensitive Enhanced Blast Formulation
    Mr. Peter Gerber, ICT, Germanypaperpresentation
  • The Development of Tube Testing for IM Assessment of Booster Explosives
    Mr. Helmut Zoellner, DynITec, Germanypaperpresentation
  • Initiation Trials of IMX-104 in 81mm Mortars Initiation Trials of IMX-104 in 81mm Mortars
    Mr. Anthony Di Stasio, US Army, ARDEC, USApaperpresentation
  • MSIAC Audit Procedure of IM Testing Organizations’ Capabilities
    Mr. Pierre Archambault, MSIAC, NATOpaperpresentation