• NC Quality Characterization Improve¬ments and its Impact on Single Base Propellant Manufacturing and Performance
    Mr. Zachary Higginbotham, ATK, USApresentation
  • 3,3-Diaminoazoxyfurazan (DAAF) Survey of Performance Testing and Characterization
    Mrs. Elizabeth Francois, Los Alamos NL, USApresentation
  • Detonation Characteristics of Dichlorate(VII) m-tri(4-amino-1,2,4-triazole)Copper(II)
    Dr. Stanislaw Cudzilo, MUT, Polandpaperpresentation
  • FOX-12 (GuDN): An IM Ingredient Candidate – Where Are We Today?
    Mr. Henric Oestmark, PhD, FOI, Swedenpaperpresentation
  • Further Development and Optimization of IM Melt-Pour Ingredients at Holston Army Ammunition Plant
    Mr. Virgil Fung, BAE Systems, USApaperpresentation
  • RDX-based Nanocomposite Granules for Significantly Reduced Shock Sensitivity
    Dr. Hongwei Qiu, Stevens Instit. of Tech., USApaperpresentation
  • Exploring the Insensitive PBXs Allowing the Higher Performance of Inertial Confinement: EDA’s R/T Project – RSEM-HPIC
    Mr. Igor Plaksin, University of Coimbra, Portugalpaperpresentation
  • AG:GTFA – A Promising Ionic Liquid-based Melt-Pour Explosive Binder
    Mr. Michael Adams, ATK, USApaperpresentation