• Threat Hazard Assessment Methodology and Explosives Effect Mitigation for 4.5 Inch Mk 8 Medium Range Naval Fire Support HE Ammunition
    Mr. Julian G Taylor, UK MoD, Technical Enabling Services, Sea Systems Group, Naval Authority Explosives
  • Development of Ceramic Ball Armor for IM Applications
    Mr. Raymond Gamache, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren Division, Potomac River Test Range
  • Mitigation of Thermal Threats using Devices Based on Shape Memory Alloys
    Mr. John Cook, Aviva Howard, Lakshman Chandrasekaran, QinetiQ, Farnborough, UK
  • Research into Progression of a Safe Active Mitigation System for Fragment Impact Threats
    Mr. Ian Maxey, QinetiQ, Fort Halstead, UK
  • Mitigation of Bullet and Fragment Threats Using Armours and other Protective Systems
    Mr. Alastair Fray, QinetiQ
  • TOW 2B Sympathetic Detonation Container
    Mr. Michael A Glick, BAE Systems, Land Systems
  • Active Venting of Steel Case Tactical Rocket Motors for Reduced Missile Vulnerability to External Thermal Stimuli
    Mr. Benjamin T Smit, Denel Land Systems Western Cape (Pty) Ltd