What are Insensitive Munitions (IM/MURAT)?

NATO defines Insensitive Munitions as

“Munitions which reliably fulfil their performance, readiness and operational requirements on demand, but which minimise the probability of inadvertent initiation and severity of
subsequent collateral damage

  • Personnel,
  • Logistic systems and
  • Weapon platforms.

when subjected to unintentional stimuli


  • Energetic materials and/or
  • Design and mitigation techniques, and/or
  • Logistic or tactical containers

reduce significantly the risks of accidents related to the use of ammunitions.

 Insensitive Munitions:

  • Improve the safety and survivability for Armed Forces and civilians in urban areas or near combat zones because they can safely be stored at closer distances
  • Reduce the vulnerability of platforms and resources against unintended or hostile aggression, violent reactions with blast overpressure and fragmentation damages are under control.
  • Maximise the storage capabilities and improve flexibility logistics: IM can safely be carried by land/sea/air; storage platforms can be closer together
  • Are key to INTER-OPERABILITY between the Armed Forces.

 The result:


Important safety gain: IM storage can be situated near combat platforms and reduce the vulnerability of Forces, civilians and property against

 IM/MURAT : an asset facing terrorism

USS COLE off ADEN in 2000 after an attack by a suicide bombers, packed with high explosive materials (17 sailors dead, 39 injured).


“If the torpedo had hit the magazine, the ship would no longer be here”

More about IM Benefits: See the Demonstrations.

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