Accidents could happen anywhere Production Transport : naval, air and surface (railways/road) Storage Latest accidents, see MSIAC overview Left and below: Maputo, Mozambique, March 2007. 101 dead and 492 injured. (Document MSIAC – 2008)  

Evangelos Florakis

11 July 2011, Evangelos Florakis Naval Base near Zygi (CYPRUS) Cause: Explosion 98 containers of explosives that were being stored for 2½ years in the sun self-detonated on the Evangelos Florakis Naval Base near Zygi


June 2004, Kirkuk, Iraq – USAF Base Attack Throughout military history, and close enough to us, there have been substantial incidents/accidents involving munitions: USAF Base Attack – Kirkuk Irak (copyright: MSIAC)


06 May 2004, Novobogdanovka storage, Ukraine. Duration: 48 hrs Novobogdanovka storage in Ukraine (copyright: MSIAC) Cause: Fire Munitions: Army Ammunition Consequences: HS 5 killed, 10 injured, fragments up-to 10-km, 10,000 persons evacuated. Others: UXOs, legal


October 2000 – USS COLE off ADEN USS COLE after terrorist attack by a fast torpedo carrying explosives. “If the blast had been just slightly more aft, we would not have any photographs to show,

Others accidents

October 1995 – USA Accident during an artillery exercise. A fiery discharge ignited and destroyed a howitzer and its supply vehicle with all the ammunition. April 1994 – Croatia Accident in an ammunition dump. 24