13–16 MAY 2024 EMTWG Oslo

This is the first time for this technology Meeting to be held in Norway among the six European venues selected since 2001. The European location reflects the greater international co-operation and collaboration taking place within the global defence community. This forum is the premier international event to exchange information on advancements in IM and EM that directly improves warfighter safety and combat readiness.

Energetic Materials Technology Working Group (EMTWG) 2024 Oslo, Norway

Previously known as Insensitive Munitions and Energetic Materials (IM&EM) Technology Symposium

Theme:  “Preparing advanced energetic materials & insensitive munitions for high intensity warfare”

Co-organisation : IMEMG / NAC / MSIAC


March 19th, 2024 update

16h00On-site Registration Mingle area  


08h00Chair: Loïc Minguet, IMEMG President, France

Welcome Address & Intro – Mr Vegard Sande, President of NAMMO Raufoss AS / EVP Large Caliber Systems

Keynote Address #1/ Mr Anthony Di Stasio, Director of the Manufacturing, Capability Expansion, and Investment Prioritization Directorate (McEip), OUSD A&S  – The New Industrial Base Policy Office and McEip Investment Strategy

Keynote Address #2/ ICA (Col.) Serge Bordachar, Delegated Chief Inspector for Propellants and Explosives, DGA, FRA/ MoD – What level of safety for our munitions in a wartime economy context ?

MSIAC – Ms Christelle Collet, Technical Special Officer / Propulsion Technology – MSIAC Highlights and Future Priorities
10h00Networking Break


Sessions A – Hyde Park AB

2A – IM Policy & Requirements
24010- Status on implementation of IM-policy in the Norwegian defence sector
Mr Hans Øiom,, FMA, Norway

24069- NATO IM Portfolio Update w/ Focus on IM-HC Harmonization
MrDaniel J. Pudlak, U.S. ARMY, DEVCOM AC, Armaments Center, USA

24113- IM Industry Contribution: How to benefit from IM munitions during manufacturing and storage phases.
Ms Carole Fournier, IMEMG

24035- Cost and Benefit Analysis: a necessary approach to support massive ammunition resupply in current geopolitical context
Mr Rémi Boulanger, IMEMG

Sessions B – Central Park AB

2B – Propellants: Formulations & Performance
24024- Improved performance of LOVA-propellants with maintained production safety
Mr Erik Tunestål, Eurenco Bofors
24025- Partial Burn Testing of New High Energy Extruded Double Base Rocket Propellants and Associated Self-Extinguishment Properties
Mr Joseph O. Bellotte, BAE Systems, Ordnance Systems Inc. USA

24031- Ageing Characteristics of Solid Composite Propellants
Mr Eirik Østbye Pedersen,, NAMMO Raufoss AS, Norway

24032- Solid Fuel Ramjet Technology at Nammo Raufoss AS
Ms Camilla Alm, Nammo Raufoss AS, Norway


Sessions A – Hyde Park AB

3A – IMTest Methodology I
24039- AOP-4240 FCO test: Feedback from Euro industry
Mr Alessandro Liberatore, Gruppo Esea, Italy

24076- Heat flux measurements with CALIFLUX in Fast Heating tests                                                 
Ms Marie De Bats, IMEMG

24079- Guidance on Temperature and Heat Flux Measurement Techniques Used in IM and HC Testing
Ms Christelle Collet, MSIAC

24056- Slow heating: First lessons learnt from heating rate standard test change on composite RM response.
Mr Laurent Bonhomme, ROXEL France

Sessions B – Central Park AB

3B – EM Processing 
24064- Qualification of Energetic Materials with Advanced Manufacturing Methods.
Mr Matt Paesch, Energetics Technology Center,
Indian Head, USA 

24003- Advancements in ResonantAcoustic® Continuous Flow Technology for Surrogate Energetic Material Synthesis and Crystallization
Mr Joseph Mayne, Resodyn Corporation, USA

24118- Assessment of RAM technology applied to TDW cast cured formulations 
Mr Quirin Axthammer, TDW, Germany

24112-  CL-20 in the Beginning:  Perspectives from Eyewitnesses to the Early Days
Mr Bob Wardle, ETC & Wardle Enterprises, Energetics, Services & Technology, USA
14h50Networking Break


Sessions A – Hyde Park AB

4A – IM Test Methodology II
24098– Novel Rocket Motor Impact Threat Protection
Mr Dan Turner, Roxel UK Ltd, UK

24110-  IM Industry Contribution: Review of Recent Modifications and Type V Criterion required for both Slow Cook-Off and Fragment Impact Tests
Ms Carole Fournier, IMEMG

24068- Successful Transition of Insensitive Munitions Technologies to LAW FFE
Mr Daniel J. Pudlak, US ARMY DEVCOM Armaments Center,  USA
24062- A Review of the Likelihood of Bullets Impacts on Munitions During Domestic Transport
Dr Brian E. Fuchs, US ARMY, DEVCOM Armaments Center, USA

Sessions B – Central Park AB

4B – EM Formulations & Synthesis I
24007- Continuous crystallization of energetic materials using continuous oscillatory baffled crystalliser
Mr Ruaraidh Wells, NiTech Solutions Ltd, UK
24015- Use of soluble desensitizer to pilot terminal performance and IM response for a TNT based melt-cast composition
Mr Teddy Gilloux, THALES LAS, France         

24023-  A rocky road toward a suitable TNT replacement
Mr Arthur Delage, Eurenco, France   

24049-  Optimized Lab and Pilot Scale Synthesis of 2,4-Dinitroanisole (DNAN) from Anisole
Mr Tomasz Modzelewski, BAE Systems, USA
16h40Sessions Adjourn
19h00Event Reception


08h00Chair: Christelle Collet, MSIAC

Keynote Address #3/ Ms Holly Pennington, Weapons Technical Service Team Leader /DE&S, UK – Preparing for High Intensity Warfare through Collaboration and Standardisation 

Keynote Address #4/ Dr Chris Michienzi, MMR Defense Solutions, LLC, USA – EM in DOD Systems: Transition, Production & Availability

Discussion point/ Mr Christopher Zember, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Industrial Base Policy, U.S. DOD  24104- Expanding Industrial Base Capacity for Munitions Manufacturing

MSIAC – Munitions Safety Awards
10h00Networking Break


Sessions A – Hyde Park AB

5A – IM Properties & Characteristics II
24041- How to assess thermo-chemical aging of high explosives in adequate way. Peculiarities in application of test protocols
Dr Manfred A. Bohn, Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, ICT Germany

24044- The Effects of Energetic Material Ageing on Munition IM Response – Focused on Propellants
Dr Gaynor Olliver, IMEMG

24084- Terminal Effects of Blast Wave Propagation from Metal Enhanced Home-Made Explosive Composition
Ms Pholisa Ngcebesha, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa

24028-  Enhanced Blast Explosives with Improved Survivability
Mr James White, NSWC – Indian Head, USA

Sessions B – Central Park AB

5B – IM Properties & Characteristics I
24004- Inherent Material Property Effects on Dimensional Stability of PBXN-9
Mr Francis J. Milbower III,
L3Harris Fuzing and Ordnance Systems, USA

24013- Self Heating of High Explosives in Safe Scale Up for Manufacturing
Mr Philip Samuels, US ARMY -DEVCOM Armaments Center, USA

24033- Identification and assessment of potential thermostable and powerful explosives  
Dr Eric Pasquinet, CEA/DAM/Le Ripault – France

24096-  Explosive acceleration of fluoropolymer-based reactive material fragments
Ms Hayleigh J Lloyd, TNO, The Netherlands



Poster session A – Frognerparken room

PA: Insensitive Munitions 
24055- Mitigation system for dual pulse rocket motor to aim for a French MURAT* label
Mr Laurent Bonhomme, ROXEL France

24097- Drop test: Model of rocket Motor ignition probability
Mr Johan Herault, ROXEL France 

24067-  Digital IM engineering: Piecewise model validation strategy for thermal IM event prediction
Ms Ericka K. Amborn, Applied Research Associates, USA 

24037- Improved testing capabilities for characterization of carbon composite materials
Mr Vincent Vilamosa, NAMMO Raufoss AS, Norway

24047- Representation of RDX Thermal Response for Use in Digital IM Engineering Tools
Mr Keith Clutter, Science & Risk (SciRisk).USA     

24106- Employing New Technologies & Methods for IM-Testing at the WTD 91
Mr Philipp Hamhuis, Technical Center WTD 91, Bundeswehr, Germany

24122- A numerical and experimental study of output of M55 and M100 igniters
Mr John Moxnes, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Norway 

241xx- Successful Insensitive Munitions Technology  Development, Demonstration, Integration & Transition
Mr Daniel J. Pudlak, US ARMY DEVCOM Armaments Center,  USA 

Poster session B – Ueno Area

PB: Energetic Materials
24022-  Best Practice for the Development and Manufacture of Energetic Materials
Mr Lawrence C Farrar, Resodyn Acoustic®
Mixers, USA

24102- Combustion and mechanical properties of co(glycidyl nitrate-glycidyl azide) polymer energetic binders
Mr Charles Dubois, Polytechnique Montréal, Canada 

24054-  Energetic Materials  for cutting-edge nanotechnology
Mr Yash, Beacon Industries Inc. USA

24077- Design of energetic molecular hybrids of 2-(dinitromethylene)-1,3-diazacyclopentane (DNDZ) and calculation of their detonation performance parameters
Mr Lamla Thungatha, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, South Africa

24115- Characterization of HVRB Model of ERA Explosive by Gap Tests and Correlation with 20mm FSP Tests
Mr Tuğçe Tekin Başer, Roketsan, Türkiye

24121- Accelerated Aging Studies of Composite Rocket Propellant
Ms Thelma G. Manning, US ARMY, DEVCOM Armaments Center, USA 
24030- Qualification of Australian Munitions Composition B
Mr Philip Samuels, US ARMY, DEVCOM Armaments Center, USA

24125- Inherently Safer continuous Nitration’s at large scale
Mr Marc Winter, CORNING Inc. France 
13h30Sessions adjourn 
Free time


Sessions A – Hyde Park AB

7A – IM Modelling 
24021-  Simulating the Nammo 155 mm Artillery Projectile Sympathetic Reaction with IMPETUS Solver
Mr Lars Olovsson, IMPETUS Afea, Norway

24027-  A model to determine the response of munitions for lower order reactions
Mr Gert Scholtes, TNO, The Netherlands

24059- Modeling and simulation of Cook-Off scenarios of DEM-based three-dimensional propellant beds in cased munitions 
Mr  Daniel Tomaschewski,
Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, ICT Germany

24074- Demonstrating munitions insensitivity through simulation: the IMEMG compendium dedicated to cook-off scenarios
Mr Didier Picart, IMEMG

Sessions B – Central Park AB

7B – EM Qualification & Technology
24053-  Large Scale Production and Material Qualification of a Less Sensitive PBXN-9 Variant
Mr Virgil Fung, BAE Systems, USA

24006- Status of NATO Energetic Material Qualification Requirements
Mr Philip Samuels, US Army, DEVCOM Armaments Center, USA

24094-  A Method to Extend the Qualification of a PBXN-109 loaded Aircraft Bomb using an Inert Surrogate Material
Ms Carole Fournier, Eurenco, France 
24051- Pilot Scale Evaluation of Modified 3,4-Dinitropyrazole (DNP) Synthesis Process 
Mr Tomasz Modzelewski, BAE Systems, USA 
09h20Networking Break


Sessions A – Hyde Park AB

8A – IM Mitigation & Testing
24017-  Insensitive Munitions (IM) Response of Resonant Acoustic® Mixing (RAM)-Loaded Mix-in-Case (MIC) Munition Items
Mr Andrew Nelson, NAWC Weapons Division, USA

24026- IM Tests on Vulcano Guided ammunitions
Mr. Gianluca Bersano, Leonardo, Italy

24082-  Mitigation of sympathetic detonation of navy munitions
Mr Stefan De Koster, TNO, The Netherlands

24101-  Higher Lethality Medium Caliber Munition Classification and Criticality
Ms Nausheen Al-Shehab, US ARMY, DEVCOM Armaments Center, USA

Sessions B – Central Park AB

8B – EM Formulations & Synthesis II
24016- New low cost melt-cast composition for IM mortar ammunition – Theoritical approach to experimental aspect
Mr Teddy Gilloux, THALES LAS, France

24117-  Characterization and evaluation of alternative plasticizers to mitigate exudation from pressed PBX
Mr Quirin Axthammer, TDW, Germany & MSIAC
24072-  SHS Synthesis of Micrometer-sized boron particles with increased surface area and higher reactivity for energetic applications
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Wurster, Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, ICT Germany 


Sessions A – Hyde Park AB

9A – IM System Technology
24001- A magnetohydrodynamic model of a slapper detonator initiation train for performance and safety assessment: covering firing circuit simulation and detonation transfer to explosive train components
Mr Gareth Flegg, AWE Plc, UK

24040- Advantages of Modular Development for Electronic Initiation Systems 
Mr Lars Christian Lund, NAMMO Raufoss AS, Norway

24060- Shock initiation of explosives using a plane wave booster driven flyer plate
Ms Anne Haslam, NSWC, Indian Head, USA

24065- Slow Cook-Off Soak Temperature Effect on Munition Response
Ms Nausheen Al-Shehab, US ARMY, DEVCOM Armaments Center, USA 

24100- AFRL Advanced Munitions Technology Complex
Dr Jacob Morris, US Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

Sessions B – Central Park AB

9B – EM Lab-scale Testing
24071- Energetic Defect Characterization (EDC) – A Multi-Disciplined, Multi-Faceted, US Joint-Service Approach for Identifying & Determining Defect Criticality for specific Munitions and their Respective Energetics
Mr Daniel J. Pudlak, US ARMY, DEVCOM Armaments Center, USA

24038- Feature Extraction using Machine Learning for Defect Characterization
Mr Antonio Aguirre, US ARMY, DEVCOM Armaments Center, USA

24099-  Characterization of the Impact-Induced Reaction of Multiple Explosives Using the AFRL High Explosive Survivability Test (HEST)
Dr Jesus Mares Jr., US Air Force Research Laboratory, USA

24066-  Utilization of the Focus Beam Reflectance Measurement (FBRM) Probe in Explosive Processing
Mr Kyle J. Ramos, Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA 
14h40Networking Break


Sessions A – Hyde Park AB

10A – IM Modelling & Materials
24105- An innovative methodology to predict reaction of complex warhead to fragment impacts
Mr Karol Woirin, MBDA France

24109-  Predicting Setback Failure of High Explosive Projectiles During Gun Launch
Mr Nicholas Tashjian, US ARMY, DEVCOM Armaments Center, USA

24114- Void collapse-initiated deflagration: Progress towards predictive modeling for risk evaluation PT. 2
Mr Brandon L. Johnson, Applied Research Associates, Inc., USA

Sessions B – Central Park AB

10B – EM Subscale Testing
24002-  Subscale testing of nanocomposite-modified solid fuels & propellants
Mr Michael Fisher, Helicon Chemical Company, USA

24057-  Sensitivity Testing of Propellants in a Small-scale Experiment
Mr Claudius Zimmermann, Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, ICT Germany 

24078-   Small Scale Impact Sensitivity Testing of Energetic Materials under Temperature and Relative Humidity
Ms Christelle Collet, MSIAC
24080- Thermal Radiation in Interior Ballistics and Closed Bomb Testing
Dr Jon Yagla, Consultant
16h30 Sessions adjourn
16h40 Best Poster Award and 
 Farewell address by Charlie Zisette, NAC Executive Director
18h30 Conference adjourns