Theme of the symposium :

Delivering Mission Critical, Innovative Insensitive Munitions and Energetic Materials Solutions to the Warfighter in a Challenging Budget Environment.

Co-organisation: NDIA and MSIAC


New IM technologies, EM and formulations are being deployed into the field.  This symposium will look at the benefits of these new solutions on the warfighter, logistics, cost and safety of operations.  The 2013 IM and EM Technology Symposium is the premier international gathering for the exchange of information on advancements in IM and EM and their benefits in theater.

Topics adressed by IMEMG Expert Working Groups at IMEMTS’2013

    • STANAG 4439 Mandatory Reactions and AOP Response Descriptors: Feed-back and Considerations from Industry
abstract paper presentation
    • Shaped Charge Jet STANAG : Propositions for updated edition Abstract
abstract paper presentation
    • Ageing: The Effects of Energetic Materials on System IM Response
abstract paper presentation

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