MEMBERSHIP qualification

European manufacturers belonging to a member country of OCCAR and co-operative non OCCAR European countries within the Armament Industry and being involved in

  • the design, development or production of IM,
  • their associated sub systems, and/or
  • their associated technologies.

As an IMEMG member, your company:

Participates in all major events and strengthen its own knowledge and visibility which may lead to additional business.

Participates in shaping the IM regulations and standards in compliance with its National authorities’ strategy and goals.

Will contribute to:

  • Promoting awareness of the needs of the European operational Forces.
  • Supporting better technical convergence in the Munitions safety domain and improve European know-how
  • Participating in laying down EUROPEAN STANDARDS to optimise the budgets allocated through achieving more with equal resources
  • Shaping a common position in IM compliance (and technology)

Is a member of a high qualified community and has access to the latest state of the art in
IM Technologies with:

  • The exchanges of information, experiences, technologies and the subsequent comparison.
  • Multiple working practices.

Corporate membership means that your company teams will benefit from exposure to different working practices.

Constant exchanges with IM Community improve knowledge background for all members.

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