Ageing & Stability

Synthesis on EDA Project on Insensitive Munitions & Ageing Julien Moriceau, HERAKLES, France New Stabilizers for NC-propellants Evaluated in Rocket Propellants Erik Tunestål, EURENCO Bofors AB, Sweden Accelerated Degradation Tests of IM-Compliant Polymer Bonded Explosives


Evaluation of a Low Toxicity RDX Replacement for Minimum Smoke Rocket Propellant Formulations Dr Bradley Sleadd, NSWC, Indian Head, USA Qualification of a New IM Composition Christelle Songy, EURENCO, France   Recent Developments in the

IM Testing

Reconciling Developmental Weapons Safety Tests in MIL-STD-2015 Ken Tomasello, NOSSA, Indian Head, USA IM Testing of the XM25 HEAB Cartridge Nausheen Al-Shehab, ARDEC, Picatinny Arsenal, USA Heavy Fragment Impact Testing of RDX/AI/HTPB PBX Filled Warheads


Re-Establishing 1,3,5-Triamino-2,4,6 Trinitrobenzene (TATB) Production in the US Timothy I Mahoney, NAWC, China Lake, USA Microreactor Flow Synthesis of the Insensitive High Explosive 2,6-Diamino-3,5-Dinitropyrazine-1-Oxide (LLM-105) Dr Nathaniel B Zuckerman, PhD, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA


Performance of ADN/GAP Propellants Compared to AI/AP/HTPB Volker J Gettwert, Fraunhofer ICT, Germany DNAN-Based Explosives Filling Process Toxicological Studies Pierre Pelletier, General Dynamics-OTS, Canada A Reduced Toxicity Deterrent for Single Base Propellants Dr Ashley Jones,


Improved Platform Vulnerability/Lethality Assessment Using TNO’s Toolbox for IM-Threat Response Calculations Gert J Scholtes, TNO Defence, The Netherlands Analysis & Case Study on the Real World Transport & Storage of IM? Thomas Taylor, MSIAC, NATO


Review & Update of STANAG 4526 Shaped Charge Jet, Munitions Test Procedure Dr Brian E Fuchs, ARDEC, Picatinny Arsenal, USA An International Review of the STANAG 4496, Fragment Impact Test Emmanuel Schultz, MSIAC, NATO Insensitive


Energetic Ingredients Research for FREEDM Program Dr Jacob Morris, BAE Systems, USA GrIMEx (Green IM Explosive): Development of Novel IM Comp B Replacements Based on Green TNT and RDX Replacements Dr David W Price, BAE

Modelling / Test Standards

AOP39 Evolution: The French Proposal Florian Pechoux, MoD/DGA EM Test Centre, France STANAG / AOP 4240: The NEW Fuel Fire Test Standard Manfred Becker, MSIAC, NATO   ASSIM: The Help To Decision Tool to Optimise IM


Storm Shadow Missile – Demonstration of IM Performance Through Life David Crofts, MBDA-UK, UK Scheme to Reliably Initiate Insensitive Fill in the 500 pound Warhead Stephen E. Kelley, Qualis Corporation, USA TNT Hazard Response and