Newsletter n°6

Content Popular IM Day turns into a brand ASSIM: a way to optimise IM signature specification Fast heating wants to be green There is always something happening on IM standards and regulations IM card: latest

Newsletter n°5

Content Shaped charges standard: which one to choose? IM testing and environmental issues: the case of Fuel Fire IM Signature:a “bankable” future? IM Signature for life? A review of computer models IM Card: latest version

Newsletter n°4

Content Yves Guengant talks about regulations New ! The last version of the IM card STANAGs v.UN Orange Book Working Groups Deliver IM Awards IMEMG Membership continues to grow New ! Expert Working Groups Download

Newsletter n°3

Content Ageing of Insensitive Munitions The melt-cast composition XF 13 333 developed by NEXTER Munitions A new company has joined Ageing of TDW’s KS32: experience and new requirements A new version of the IM card

Newsletter n°2

Content What’s on for the future of Insensitive Munitions NATO AC/326, the CNAD Ammunition Safety Group Why did NAMMO Raufoss join the organisation NEXTER Munitions melt-cast explosive exceeds STANAG 4439 requirements Cast PBX bi-component(s) process

Newsletter n°1

Content Conference in Bristol (2006 IM – EM Technology Symposium) The IMEMG expert working groups How the European Industry becomes involved in logistic gain assessments Molecules: Mass production of IM shells at Glascoed plant The